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Product specification

Interactive Hygienic Cream is a cosmetic cream for skin hygiene containing stabilized hydrogen peroxide and soothing and anti-reddening agents of plant origin. Its soothing and anti-reddening activity renders this cream the ideal topical product to treat altered skin, affected by external causes like cosmetic, laser and heat treatments. Interactive Hygienic Cream combines in a unique way the antimicrobial action of hydrogen peroxide and the soothing activity of flavonoids and saponins. This combination determines a strong synergy, very effective in all cases of alteration, even painful, of localized areas of the epidermis. The lipid component of the cream also plays an emollient role, thus facilitating the reepithelization of the skin.

Recommended for

Ideal for skin reddening or alteration after heat treatments.

How to use it

Apply Interactive Hygienic Cream 2 – 3 times a day on the affected areas. Gently massage until completely absorbed. A slight burning sensation may be felt for a short time, immediately after application. If the burning continues, suspend the use of the product. Avoid product contact with eyes. Rinse eyes immediately in case of contact with the product. Keep out of reach of children. Replace tha cap and wash hands immediately after use.

When to use it

Do not use for more than 2 weeks.

Principal ingredients

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE anti-bacterial;

SALICYLIC ACID anti-inflammatory;

CAFFEINE decongestant, draining;

EXTRACT OF HORSE CHESTNUT anti-oedema, draining.

Size 50ml

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