Fluid-H 30ml

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Product specification

A highly hydrating fluid gel that contains exclusively purified water and a very high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid of biotechnological derivation. Extremely pure and non-sensitizing. Hyaluronic acid provides elasticity to the skin as it is capable of holding enormous quantities of water into the tissue, even over 100 times its weight.

Recommended for

Fluid H is suitable for all skin types in need of water moisture and not oil, to treat dehydrated, dull complexion or skin that has been sensitized by external or internal factors.

How to use it

In the morning, as to make up base on dry, dull or matt skin. A possible sensation of tense skin is not a sign of an allergic reaction. At night as a moisturizer for skins that do not respond positively to the oily formulation.

Its powerful hydrating and lifting effect makes it an ideal product to prevent aging and dehydration of dull and skin problems.

Fluid H can be blended to the morning or evening product to enhance its effects.

When to use it

In the morning as a make-up base for dehydrated and dull skin. The possible sensation of skin tension is not a signal of intolerance.

In the evening to moisturize the skin when an oily cream is not suitable.

Fluid-H is ideal to prevent the aging and the dehydration of the problematical skin-types.

Principal ingredients

BIOTECHNOLOGICAL HYALURONIC ACID moisturizing, wrinkles smoothing.

Size 30ml

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