Active C Antioxidant 10 Vials

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Product specification

A concentrated formulation containing vitamin C, able to increase collagen production while fighting oxy radical. Skin texture will be visibly improved, looking plumper, more toned and radiant. Active C is essential to prevent and to fight the wrinkles and to improve the skin elasticity, and to impede the oxygen radicals generation which is the cause of cellular damage and precocious ageing.

Recommended for

It is ideal for aging and early aged skin, sun damages, smoke, pollution, and physical stress. It is excellent support for the treatment of delicate or irritated skin.

How to use it

Each bottle is for a single application. To prepare the product, press the lid to release the content in the bottle. Shake very well and apply on the face. Massage until it is completely absorbed. Avoid the eye area. The application of Active C can result in a light tingling sensation considered an absolutely normal reaction.

When to use it

To prevent and to treat light skin conditions, Active C must be applied every other day; for the treatment of more serious skin imbalances is recommended as a daily application every other month. To be used in the evening.

Principal ingredients

PURE VITAMIN C anti-oxidant, collagen regenerating.

Size 10 Vials

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