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Product specification

NeoHair is a new formulation of rich inactive ingredients, such as vitamins, amino acids, and plant extracts, designed to fight thinning hair and stimulate re-growth. NeoHair acts at three different levels, with three different action mechanism: thanks to the vasodilator activity of the plant extract (Centella Asiatica, Maringa pteridosperms) it helps to increase blood flow, therefore, leading to an increased irrigation and oxygenation of the scalp; vitamins act synergistically with the plant extracts against radicals that attack hair structures; amino acids are the precursors required for keratin and other protein syntheses, they ensure a proper hair growth and nutrition. neoHair contributes to reducing hair loss, allowing an increase in average hair diameter.

Recommended for

For those people who need e specific treatment to reduce hair loss, increasing hair structure diameter.

How to use it

PROFESSIONAL USE: once a week for one month applied by electroporation treatment.

DOMICIALIARY USE: one vial every other day.

When to use it

Domiciliary use for hair loss or hair thinning and professional use with electroporation.

Principal ingredients

PLANT EXTRACTS improves blood circulation;

AMINOACIDS precursors of keratin;

VITAMINS is anti-oxidant, nourishing.

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