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Product features

NeoAge is an innovative formulation designed to stimulate and revitalise the skin. It is

ideal for treating wrinkles, tired, weakened and fragile skin, skin damaged by the sun and

very dehydrated skin. It is a complete treatment that achieves a good level of cellular

hydration and a good biochemical and biological architecture of the tissues. The active

ingredients contained in Neo Age give good results both in the short term (1% hyaluronic

acid, glucosamine sulphate) and in the long term (amino acids, collagen precursors).

The treatment is therefore recommended both as a filler for small wrinkles, such as those

in the eye area, which will improve within one or two sessions, and in the treatment of

deeper wrinkles (expression, etc.), which will benefit from longer treatment.

To whom it is recommended

Ideal for all tired, fragile, weakened skin, in cases of aging and photoaging. Not

recommended for pregnant women or in cases of serious skin problems such as acne.

How to use it

PROFESSIONAL USE: one ampoule once a week for one month delivered by

electroporation treatment.

DOMICILIARY USE: one ampoule every other day, preferably after exfoliation treatment.

When to use

As a home treatment for tired and ageing skin or as a professional treatment with


Main ingredients

HYALURONIC ACID moisturising, smoothing wrinkles;

AMMINOACIDS collagen precursors, wrinkle filler;

GLUCOSAMINE SULPHATE moisturising, smoothing wrinkles;

VITAMIN E antioxidant, re-epithelising.

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