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Cellulite is a complex problem, involving the peripheral circulatory system, the lymphatic

system, the extracellular matrix and the presence of excess subcutaneous fat protruding

into the dermis. About 85% of women and 5% of men are affected by this problem. The

progressive weakening of the adipose and connective tissue leads to the formation of

nodules and dimples, an appearance commonly known as "orange peel". NeoCell is an

advanced formulation that helps reduce the thickness of fat tissue and the degree of

cellulite. The active ingredients contained in NeoCell act directly on the fat cells,

inhibiting the formation of new adipocytes and promoting the breakdown of existing

ones. The treatment leaves a temporary inflammation of the tissues, which disappears

within a few weeks, giving way to a measurable reduction in mass in terms of centimetres.

A programme involving cycles of several treatments leads to a reduction in the

subcutaneous fat layer and an improvement in the suppleness and tone of the skin.

To whom it is recommended

Ideal in the presence of localised adiposity and cellulite.

How to use it

PROFESSIONAL USE: one ampoule once a week for one month delivered by

electroporation treatment.

DOMICILIARY USE: one ampoule every other day, preferably after exfoliation treatment.

When to use

As a reducing treatment at home or as a professional treatment with electroporation.

Main ingredients

CAFFEINE reducing, lipolytic;

CARNITINE activator of fat metabolism;

SPIRULINA PLATENSIS activator of fat metabolism;

PHOSPHATIDYLCHOLINE slimming agent, fat emulsifier.

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