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When the skin is stretched too quickly, for example during pregnancy or when there is an

increase in weight or muscle mass, the collagen and elastin present in the dermis can

become damaged and dehydrated, leaving visible marks or scars. NeoTone prevents

and reduces stretch marks by providing a reservoir of biomolecules with a toning action;

it also renews cell membranes, tones the intercellular matrix and rehydrates the target

areas through an imperceptible moisturising film. Advanced research has demonstrated

the extraordinary ability of collagen-like structures to rejuvenate the skin from the

deepest layers. NeoTone stimulates tissue regeneration by promoting the accumulation

of dermal constituents, leading to more regular cell renewal and improved elasticity.

To whom it is recommended

Ideal in the presence of stretch marks or relaxed tissues.

How to use it

PROFESSIONAL USE: one ampoule once a week for one month delivered by

electroporation treatment.

DOMICILIARY USE: one ampoule every other day, preferably after exfoliation treatment.

When to use

As a regenerating treatment at home or as a professional treatment with


Main ingredients


CAROB EXTRACT re-epithelialising, stimulating fibroblasts;

MINERALS soothing, invigorating;

VITAMINS antioxidant, re-epithelialising.

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