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Product features

Product indicated for fragile skin, hypersensitive to emotional stress and temperature

changes, sometimes subject to redness and blotchiness due to the sudden influx of

blood which dilates the capillaries to the point of rupture (couperose). The red fruit

extract contained in Skin Repair promotes the reabsorption of stagnant blood, reduces

redness and prevents its appearance by strengthening the microcirculation. Krameria

Triandra extract has a calming effect on local regulation of stress hormones and the

mixture of glycyrrhetinic acid, panthenol and allantoin acts as a natural healer and

calming agent. The synergy of the active ingredients softens the skin, making it more

compact, elastic, vital and resistant.

To whom it is recommended

It is ideal for sensitive and/or couperose-prone skin.

How to use it

Apply the ampoule and massage until fully absorbed. Skin Repair can be delivered by

electroporation or sonoporation.

When to use

It is used in professional manual treatment or delivered by electroporation or


In home treatment, the product is applied every other night.

Main ingredients

RED FRUIT EXTRACT vaso-protective;


calming for local regulation of

stress hormones;



healing, re-epithelising;

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