Fluor4 Face Peel 100ml

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Product features

A latest-generation exfoliating formulation designed to stimulate cellular turnover by

thinning the horny layer and removing sebum and impurities while giving the face an

even colour and revitalising it.

Thanks to the synergy given by exfoliants such as alpha-hydroxyl acids of mandelic acid,

mechanical agents such as apricot kernel and pumice stone, perfluorocarbon with

oxygenating action, shea butter nourishing, vegetable glycerine moisturising, to give

nourishment and hydration, the skin will have a bright, soft and even appearance.

To whom it is recommended

Ideal for all skin types.

Adjuvant in the prevention of anti-ageing, impure and sensitive skin.

How to use it

Apply a small amount of product, massage gently with rotating movements, insisting on

the areas where it needs more exfoliation.

Rinse thoroughly.

After using the product, the skin may show a slight redness, it is essential to continue with

home self-care.

When to use

Use once or twice a week on the entire face, neck and décolleté.

Main ingredients

MANDELIC ACID exfoliant;

VEGETABLE GLYCERINE moisturising, humectant;

SHEA BUTTER nutritious

PERFLUOROCARBON soothing, oxygenating;



Size 100ml

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