Body Peel 150ml

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Product specification:

It is effective to cleanse and exfoliate the body skin.   Very fine granules in a cleansing emulsion, gently remove dead cells leaving the skin smoother and brighter.  It stimulates skin metabolism and helps to keep the skin youthful and promotes elasticity.

Recommended for:

Ideal for dry and rough skin, to prevent stretch marks in areas such as breast, abdomen and for 

those parts where the skin is particularly thickened, hips, thighs, and buttocks.

How to use it

For each area apply a small quantity on slightly damp skin.    Massage with circular movements insisting on the drier parts such as elbows, knees, and heels.  Rinse well.  A vigorous rubbing may cause the skin reddening;  it is recommended to carry out the treatment delicately.

When to use it

For best results, a weekly application is recommended.  Body Peel is an excellent preparatory treatment before the application of self-tanning products.

Principle Ingredients


NATURAL SQUALANE                                                              emollient;

VITAMIN E                                                                                   anti-oxidant, regenerative;

GLYCERIN                                                                                    moisturizing, humectant.

Size 150ml

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