Breast Contour 150ml

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Product specification

Breast Contour is an exclusive formulation able to give back firmness and tone to the skin of the delicate area of the breast, it works by reducing relaxation and by lifting the whole breast. Its active ingredients stimulate skin metabolism and help to define breast contour. Its lightness allows complete absorption without leaving any oily trace on the skin.

Recommended for

Ideal for prevention or treatment of the breast affected by skin aging and for maintaining this particularly delicate skin area elastic and soft.

How to use it

Apply a sufficient amount on the breast and massage delicately until it is completely absorbed.

When to use it

Due to its exceptional absorbability, applications may be made in the morning after a shower or bath and in the evening before going to bed.

Principal Ingredients

SEA COLLAGEN moisturizing, restore skin elasticity;

HYALURONIC ACID moisturizing, wrinkles smoothing;

OAT emollient, protective;

VITAMIN E anti-oxidant, regenerative.

Size 150ml

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