Stretch Marks 200ml

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Product specification

A specific activating formulation for the treatment and prevention of stretch marks.

Its active ingredients deliver nutrients and contrast dehydration of the fundamental constituents of the derma. When the dermis is properly hydrated, the skin maintains its elasticity. This unique formulation interacts with the connective tissue and guarantees a primary source of hydration that effectively fights stretch marks.

Recommended for

Ideal for all body areas, to prevent and contrast stretch marks.

Particularly effective to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

How to use it

Apply a sufficient amount of the product directly on the affected area. Massage until it is completely absorbed.

When to use it

This product must be used on cleansed skin. morning and evening to combat stretch marks already existent and also as a preventing treatment in the night.

Principle Ingredients

SEA COLLAGEN moisturizing, restore skin elasticity;

ALLANTOIN moisturizing, healing;

VITAMIN A anti-oxidant, repairing;

NATURAL OILS is emollient.

Size 200ml

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